Name: Frank Andiver

Birthplace: Lucca – Italy

Date: 11th of December 1970

Musical background: Metal, Prog Metal, Techno Trance

Former bands: Anger, Labyrinth

Actual bands: Shadows of Steel, Wonderland, Oracle Sun

I like: Squash, Computers, WOMEN and race-cars

I dislike: infamous people

Hopes for the future: big world tour with Wonderland


Name: Alexx Hall

Birthplace: Pescia – Italy

Date: 4th of June 1968

Musical background: I started singing in 1990

Former bands: Atomic Heart, Pleasure Dreams

Actual bands: Wonderland

Hopes for the future: a lot, but many are already reality !!!


Name: Andrea “TOWER” Torricini

Birthplace: Firenze – Italy

Date: 6th of July 1976

Musical background: I started playing in 1992

Former bands: Trinity of Steel, Metal Kings, session for Shadows of Steel

Actual bands: Vision Divine, Wonderland

I like: I love sweets!!! I like computer, videogames and internet surfing, SOCCER (like many Italians...), and motor sports in general (I'm friend with Jarno Trulli and sometimes he invites me in the box!!! WOW!), STAR WARS rulez!!!

I dislike:
I HATE COLD SEASONS !!! You have to dress with many layers of clothes...when you have to play, you need much time to warm up your fingers!

Hopes for the future:
At the moment I'm working very hard... I have two works plus music...I hope that someday I could live just with one work and music, and then just with music!!!


Name: Vic Mazzoni

Birthplace: Savona – Italy

Date: 26th of July 1973

Musical background: I'm proud to have an only fucking Heavy Metal background !!!

Former bands: Shadows of Steel, Skylark

Actual bands: Projecto, Wonderland

I like: above all playing guitar, horror movies, Japanese manga and anime

I dislike: my daily routine between Monday and Friday

Hopes for the future: I hope to change my job and improve my activity as a musician